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The primary purpose of this project is to “bring the country closer to the city” in terms of providing the opportunity of low cost continuing professional development to regional & rural psychologists, as well as removing a barrier of attracting professionals to the country areas. We have also found through some initial market testing that many university students in social sciences have expressed interest in this form of further education.

Live webinars run for an hour, 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes for questions, sometimes a touch longer if needed. To view what is coming up, check out Upcoming Webinars. This page will be regularly updated with all the details, and keep an eye out for our podcast available on iTunes & the Podcast page.

What can we do to help your learning? Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a way we can help you.

Due to the personal nature of therapy and care, help for mental illness sufferers & other personal psychological concerns will not be provided on this site. DO YOU KNOW of any particularly good all-in-one information service for sufferers of all types? We would like to provide a link here in case you have accidentally found us, but actually want help for yourself.

A few great sites we know:

What People are saying about us

I quickly applied some of the techniques discussed.. The webinar was motivational, thanks!

- Kath Collard, QLD Australia.